CHINA EFFECTS LIMITED is a CHINA manufacturer of professional special effects machines and equipment. A special effects specialist since its creation in 2000. All products are made under the brand CHINA EFFECTS which has a strong reputation for quality. Our products are designed and produced in accordance with Worldwide quality standards. From idea till finished product, through the design, prototyping and production, CHINA EFFECTS controls the complete production process in its own factory based in the People's Republic of China (PRC).

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CHINA EFFECTS specializing in creating unique special effects C02 blast Jets cryogenic C02 walls and plumes, cyro nozzles, cyro curtains,Special Effects C02 Jets, Cryo nozzle effects  - Smoke Accelerators - plumes of cryo fog  - cryogenic jet Streams - C02 walls - cyro systems for night clubs Florida - c02 jet

CHINA EFFECTS LIMITED specializing in creating special effects events with unique zero-fallout pyrotechnic displays and special effect fake snow machines. Our feature cutting-edge and exciting special effect technology that is focused and customized for your production,
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CHINA EFFECTS LIMITED is a full service special effects company using providing CHINA style Fake snow machines making Falling Snow Events, indoor close proximate pyrotechnics, Propane Flames and low level aerial outdoor firework displays events country wide,Pyrotechnics Fireworks CHINA EFFECTS LIMITED :: Special Effects Fake Snow Machines :: indoor close proximity pyrotechnics :: low level firework display services :: fake snow machine effects :: special effects :: CHINA EFFECTS Movie FX  :: Artificial Snowfalling events :: Dry Evaporating SnowFall effects :: propane flame cannon effects :: flames :: Fire :: pyro :: bubbles machines :: Confetti Streamer cannons :: C02 Cryo Jet blasts effects for Tampa Orlando CHINA EFFECTS : CHINA EFFECTS LIMITED Inc effect specialist

Special efects fake snow machines, Indoor pyrotechnics CHINA EFFECTS LIMITED specializing in creating unique zero-fallout indoor pyrotechnics displays or low level fireworks, our pyrotechnics effects feature cutting-edge and exciting technology.   Our complete services include Confetti, propane flames, C02 Jets, smoke rings, glass breaks, balloon popping indoor fake snow. We are ready to WOW any audience Fog|Haze | Smoke Effect Machine|stage effect lpg flame machine fire spray good price Colorful Ribbon Launcher|smoke special effects projection Confetti Sprinkle Machine|jet projector |carbon dioxide machine stage Ground Smoke | Lower Smoke|jet co2 fuego pirotecnia Firework Feuerwerk ; Know more please contact with us !  (Call us @ +86.731-168-51/52  E-mail: info@chinaeffects.com )


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