Swirl Confetti machine (CE304)

  • Model No: CE-304
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  • Port: HuangPu ,Guangzhou,China
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Swirl Confetti Machine (CE304)
Mini Swirl Confetti Machine (CE304S)

The machine provides us with a silent fall of Confetti and Paper Snow.Hung from a truss or ceiling, low noise and very reliable, the unit is connected to its power supply via a dimmer to give the operator complete control over the duration and amount of confetti released, The hopper The hopper will hold up to 2kg of tissue or 3kg of metallic confetti and will launch this in around 30 seconds, perfect for theatres and televisions and fashion shows.

Confetti is graceful , festive and creates a colorful rain in every room. For locations where confetti shooters are not desirable , the Swirl Confetti Machine is a nice alternative . The internal fan and the narrow 360 degree opening is confetti thrown around in your space , with a simple press of a button . Ideal for example banquet where regular weddings , but also for celebrations like carnival. The Swirl Confetti Machine has a capacity of about 0.6 kg .

The Swirl Confetti Machine can be easily loaded via the two screw tabs , which unlock by hand . As can be at fixed locations filled the machine easy for a party night . Plug the power cord into the wall socket and let the party begin . Of course it is to close in order to operate it. On the distance Swirl Confetti Machine is on a patch panel to Using a DMX switch pack , you can even control it via DMX .

Installation and maintenance
The Swirl Confetti Machine has several mounting points at the top , so hooks , screws and bolts are easy to assemble . The fan system is to extract , which apart from the confetti - compartment system every so often can be . Equally cleaned Furthermore, the Swirl Confetti Machine free low-profile design , so that it can be relatively low halls also be used.

Technical Parameter:
Swirl Confetti Machine (CE304)
Voltage:AC220V/50Hz (110V available)
Control:  Direct Control
Loading Paper: 0.6Kg (Continue falling 30S)

Mini Swirl Confetti Machine (CE304S)
Voltage:AC220V/50Hz (110V available)
Control:  Direct Control
Loading Paper: 0.3Kg (Continue falling 15S)

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