AN06R Family party Firing System

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AN06R is a small size, long  distance  remote control ,six groups  fireworks firing system ,they  use of 1 million duplicate set of secure coding techniques, so that the fireworks can be discharge  10meters  outside the wireless remote control, without the closing  fire the ignition,  firing fireworks become more convenient and safer.

Using steps as following:
1.put the 6 pcs NO.5 battery inside of the firing machine,turn on the power switch ,the light of each channel will be bright,it means the battery is normal.test the brightness of each light is the same or not,if some one more bright or less bright ,it means the relative channel is not normal,and can not be uesed,but it does not effect other channels
2.press the button of the remote,the ralative light extinguish,it means this channel is normal and can be controlled by this remote
3.connecting the safety ignitor with the firing machine,the relative channel light become to more bright ,it means the connecting of the ignitor is normal.turn off the power switch,put the clip of the safety ignitor connecting with the safety fuse of the fireworks products,do not move the safety fuse so that do not damage the wire of the ignitor make the product can not fire .
4.make sure the button of the remote not be pressed(if the remote has on/off switch,you can turn off it at first),more than one meter far away from the fireworks,turn on the firing machine ,the light of this channel that connecting with the product bright,it means connecting is normal;
5.50 meters far away from the fireworks. Fired by the remote
6.setting the control number by remote:pay attention ,when do this,do not connect the products
A).with the little stick to press the button in the center the electrical board, when the light of the electrical board flashing,press more later 1 of the remote,then relax the stick first,at last ralax the button of the remote, and press the button from NO.1 to NO.6,the lighter from NO.1 to NO.6 will be extinguish ,it measn setting control number succeed.
B). press more later NO.2 of the remote then relax the remote button,the receiver will be controlled by NO.2 to NO.7. with NO.3 to set control number, the receiver will be controlled by NO.3 to NO.8.
C). use this kind,can use one remote to control more than one pcs receivers.

7.the machine also can fire electric ematch,if need fire more than one at the same time,please connect with one channle (suggest connect in series).

1).Please do not shake incept box violently, when no need use it .
2).When you connect the product well,do not touch the clip of the safety ignitor in order to not fire the fireworks,if you want to check the connecting of the fuse and the clip ,you must turn off the switch
3).Please take the cell out when no use products, for prevent defile incept box.
4).Please don’t place the product in the damp , sour ,alkali and pollution environmen

5).The remote designed by the rolling controlled numbe,with this remote,the receive will not be controlled by other remote in 1 million,but also maybe appear controlled by other remote,after connecting the fireworks products, please pay attention and take care youself.

Technical parameters


AN06R /  ChinaEffects®

Machine size


Remote size


Host working power

AA (1.5V×6)

Power of remote controller

1piece23A12V battery

Working frequency


Receive ways

Super-regenerative receiver mode

Safety testing current


The largest ignition current


Number of remote controller


The most remote distance


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