ELB12R Firing System remote control for 12 channels

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Waterproof Fireworks firing system remote control for 12 channels
Model: ELB12R

1.product test(before you connect with the products)
Change the switch to TEST , put one ignitor of the product into red/black connection hole,do not press any button on the board or of the remote,if the light of the test is bright ,it means there is something wrong with this channels,but will not affect others.
2.using method
a.connect the firing system with ,the power light will be bright,turn on the power switch ,the power light bright
b.put the power swith to “off”,another switch to “test”,connect the products in series or parallel (in series is better)
c.line road test:put on the power switch, another switch to “test”, connect the products in series, press the relative button on the board or of the remote,if the light of the test is bright ,it means the line road is normal, if the products are in parallel connection.(test way is the same as in series)
d. After testing is well-balanced, put the TEST switch on FIRE position, press the corresponding button (or press the corresponding button of control) to fire .
e.this kind machine can keep a little power,without 220V ,the machine can use,but the remote is invaid,after is keeped power use up,it need connect with 220V.
f.if the channles is more than 12,when you use the remote,put the button of the remote left,it control the channels of the area A,turn right control area B.
1.this kind machine is big power machine, please don’t make it to be short circuit for that would damage machine.
2.If connecting products in series, for the resistivity of ignition dissimilarity from different factory , please use the products which made by the same factory;
3.They would affect each group’s ignite quantity directly for the differences is existed in different products ignite, the thickness of lines, and the distance of circuitry;
4.. Please turn off the power switch when the circuit connecting but no need use it , and notice to do not shake machine violently.
5.Please don’t press “fire” after you take out the plug ,because there is also a little power left.
6.the remote design by coding number,althought the probability of repeat is very small,also possible be repeated.When the receivers connnect with the product ,make sure keep the remote well in case the misoperation cause the hurt . At the once you connect the fireworks,make sure you body far away the fireworks ,after the testing,do not forget far away the safety distance,so take careful of yourself!
7.when the machine with remote,when connect the machine with fireworks products,make sure keep the remote well in order not to hurt the others when you do not take well the remote.
8.when you do not use the machine,turn the power switch to “off”,another switch to “test”
9. Please don’t place the product in the damp , sour ,alkali and pollution environment.
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