Smile Clouds Machine (CE802)

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Smile clouds machine
Model: CE-802

It is a special helium gas through the special foaming device, there are countless small combination of helium bubbles into various shapes of artificial clouds is due to the helium gas lighter than air, so artificial clouds can gently flew to heaven with the extension of time, the air bubbles burst, finally disappear in the sky, the clouds machine produce clouds can create all kinds of shapes, all kinds of colour of the clouds.Therefore can be used in advertising, celebrations, conferences, large-scale exhibitions, theme activities, opening ceremony, theatrical performances, wedding cheer and other activities.Clouds machine use any season without limit, the shape of the clouds we will develop a template according to your requirements, in theory can make any shape flat clouds, can create a variety of shapes of clouds, besides can make trademark, also can make many kinds of cute cartoon, animal such as image design, can even use digital, English, Chinese, Korean, Japanese and other text.Clouds machine produce clouds of water, foam liquid mixture and plus a certain proportion, green environmental protection, the top brand in the global advocacy of air media media will become the latest air carrier.

Technical Parameters
Gas Source: Helium
Using liquid: Bubble Liquid
Occurrence time: 10 Seconds

Large Smile Clouds Machine / Size: 100x100x100cm / 50KG

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