Colour Flame Machine (CE103)

  • Model No: CE103
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This amazing new device will shoot out a flame on command, in different colors and duration. Simple to operate, simply turn the unit on and activate the plug for as long as you desire a flame. Features include optional DMX In/Out for operation from any DMX light board. Make a quick 2 second flame, or generate a flame that lasts for 60 seconds using either the built-in on/off option or the DMX option. Device uses aerosols (listed below) to generate color flames.


110-120V /220-240V
Power :
Flame high:
up 3 meters
Control :
DMX512 and power supply
30 x 30 x 56cm
Color Flame Oil (R.G.B.Y.P)

Color Fluid Aerosol (Code: PH08)

Each container fits easily into the flame device, and can be changed in a manner of seconds. Each container has enough fluid to make approximately 300 flames (depending on duration).

Item# Red - Green - Yellow - Purple - Blue
DMX Controller CEC01
Automatic miniature DMX Controller  (Not included)
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