Spark Master FALL (CE603)

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Product Description
SPARKMASTER FALL is a hanging silver waterfall equipment for indoor/outdoor use, generate dazzling silver “waterfall”. Accordin

g to different requirements, end user can self define various types of “water curtain” effects (synchronization, right to left, center to ends,

ends to center, special-effects

mode); Suitable for Wedding, Opening Ceremony, Party, TV show, Concert etc..

Indoor / Outdoor usage;
Safe, no gunpowder;
No pyro smell, no smoke;
Environmental friendly;

Switchable special effects mode(Low/High Level);
Fast response;
Flexible for rehearsal;
Easy set up;
DMX control, strong controllability;
Wireless remote control/DMX double control;

A "Waterfall" as you wish.
Take advantages of sophisticated design combined with different types of consumables HC200, SPARKMASTER FALL can generate waterfall effects from 2-7m according to requirement of the operator.

Easy set up.
Standard DMX port, compatible with other stage effects machine, allows for an easy set up and tear down process.

Flexible setting up.
With DMX communication characteristics, SPARKMASTER FALL allows the designer to independently control the FALL Length, TIMING, DURATION and SEQUENCE of each machine.

Dimension  196 * 208 * 192mm
Rated voltage  240V / 120V
Work Power  400W
Weight  6kg
Fall length  2-7m (depends on HC200 type)
Casing material  Anti-Flaming ABS
Adaptable truss size  40-60mm
Temperature  -10℃-50℃

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