Spark Master (CE605)

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Sparkmaster CE605 (Without RFID card)


Voltage Used:  AC220V /50Hz AC120V/60Hz
Rated Power:  570W
Fuse:2.2A 4.2A
Spark Initial Warm up Time:  <8mins
Spark Height:  2-5M adjustable
Spark Height Adjust:  Support
Wireless remote control: Support
Display screen:  LCD
DMX Channel:  2
DMX Data Range:  1-512
Net weight:  6.6kgs
Gross Weight:  7.8kgs
Machine size(mm):  210*218*260(mm)
Packing size(mm):  300*300*320(mm)

The spark machine is the latest generation of smokeless, fire-free,Cold fireworks machine, using a new control system and standard DMX communication to achieve a variety of stage effects.
Compared to traditional fireworks, the high risk and high pollution.The company has developed a unique smokeless and risk-free intelligent sparkler equipment, which can fully fill in the blank of the market and meet the needs of customers.

The product has strong safety, simple operation, high brightness, small smoke, environmental protection and pollution-free, and can play a strong role in rendering the scene atmosphere. It can be widely used in indoor and outdoor celebration, performance and entertainment activities.It thoroughly solves the problems of unsafe, Not environmental protection and narrow application range of traditional fireworks.

1. small size, simple operation.
2. the fireworks are high and the effect is amazing.
3. Professional and special materials, durable, not easy to damage, convenient for transportation.
4. intelligent digital control, safety, environmental protection and zero pollution.
5. Low consumption for recycling and strong flexibility.Start and stop with music, low cost.

6. safety and no powder. It can be used indoors without toxicity.

Suitable for places:
Indoor and outdoor performances
Various celebrations and brand marketing activities
Firework display
Music micro-fireworks display
Festive activities of families and groups
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