How to make your event, festival 2014 Christmas decorations unique, stand out it

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    S-M01 Snowman @ 2014 Christmas decorations,Christmas Snowman Christmas decorations snowblower snow machines hotel supplies wedding decoration stage effects
    S-M01 Snowman @ 2014 Christmas decorations

    How to make your event, festival unique, stand out it! ! ! ! We are coming! ! !

    Size : 52cm*52cm*86cm

    The Amazing Snowman with lovely appearance, the real coat and dress. Snowmaking machine function can be a snowflake effect, declared dyed special atmosphere.
    Main applications: Christmas supplies, movie special effects scenes, stage effects scenes, wedding photography scene, some of the officers of entertainment products (private clubs, activities) to use, wedding activities (business opening ceremony of the project, government activities) and other celebrations

    Red knitted jacket, soft gloves and scarves, real wool and cloth, not plastic goods or ordinary printing comparable! !
    Carrot-shaped nose and wearing hats
    Snow can be sprayed to four meters high, covering an area of 15 square meters, is to create an atmosphere of absolute weapon! ! !
    No assembly required, just open the package, adding a mixed snow, power, turn on the switch, you can enjoy the flying snow! ! !
    Outdoor show will be best effect !

    This snowman is incredible special effects for many years home edition special effects machine, it is applied to the film scene, theaters, shopping malls as well as high-end exhibition. Incredible snowman snow spray evaporation special formation and create an exceptional snowfall scene in the absence of cold air and do not need to clean the case. This device can be a holiday in the center of the outdoor decorations in any environment.

    Christmas Snowman Christmas decorations snowblower snow machines hotel supplies wedding decoration stage effects
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