Laserworld CEL-4000RGB LASER systems

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    The Laserworld CEL-4000RGB is a RGB laser system with a total output power of up to 4,000mW.

    Club Series Lasers (5) ILDA,DMX 512, SOUND.
    DescriptionThe Laserworld CEL-4000RGB is a RGB laser system with a total output power of up to 4,000mW.

    The red diode laser module with a wavelength of 650nm, the green DPSS laser module with a wavelength of 532nm and the royal-blue diode laser module with a wavelength of 445nm ensure brilliant colors and powerful laser beams. The projector has good beam specifications with a beam diameter of 3mm and beam divergence of 2.0mrad. At the same time it offers a galvo system with up to 30kpps as well as a scan angle of up to 40°. The Laserworld CEL-4000RGB has a professional ILDA interface. Thus own or pre-programmed lasershows can be shown by use of a laser control software, e.g. of Phoenix or Pangolin. Through DMX about 200 preset patterns, like waves, tunnels, circles etc. can be projected in different colors and in a various speed. The laser system has an automatic mode, which runs the pre-programmed patterns without assistance. If the music mode is active, the laser system projects according to the sound. For the music mode the sensitivity of the mircophone can easily be set on the rear side of the projector. There is a key switch, an interlock interface and an on-off switch at the rear side of the device.

    The Laserworld CEL-4000RGB is a very powerful whitelight laser systems. This device is well suited for professional applications and it is often used in larger sized clubs, discos and nightclubs as well as for the use in any party location.

    Technical Specification:
    minimum maximum
    total power: 3.000mW 4.000mW
    power red: >1.000mW / 650nm
    power green: >500mW / 532nm
    power blue: >1.500mW / 445nm
    beam specifications: ca. 3mm / 2mrad
    laser source: diode, DPSS laser
    laser class: 4
    operation modes: auto, music, DMX, ILDA
    scanner: Galvo System 30kpps@4°
    scan angle: +/- 40° max.
    basic patterns: ca. 200 (layers, tunnels, fences, waves, etc.)
    accessories: power cable, manual, interlock connector, key
    power supply: 85V - 250V AC
    power consumption: 50 W
    dimensions: 345/485/110 mm
    weight: 11 kg

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