LED CO2 PARTY CANNON ,High Quality LED CO2 JET CE211

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    LED CO2 PARTY CANNON ,High Quality LED CO2 JET CE211,Cyro CO2 LED Jet - CO2 Jet L.E.D., CO2 Blaster, CO2 Cannon, Cryo LED Je

    LED CO2 PARTY CANNON ,High Quality LED CO2 JET CE211,Cyro CO2 LED Jet - CO2 Jet L.E.D., CO2 Blaster, CO2 Cannon, Cryo LED Jet
    ChinaEffects CO2 LED Jet is guaranteed to "brighten" up any event. Incorporating 16 individual 3-in-1 LED lights around the base of the nozzle, this DMX controlled CO2 Jet can light up CO2 clouds almost any color, to include; Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Purple, Cyan, Orange, and White! Instantly light up your clouds of CO2 with vibrant colors to create effects imitating that of 'Fire' (orange or red light) or 'Clouds' (blue or purple light) or simply match the color scheme of your event or venue. ChinaEffects CO2 LED Jet is designed to have a high light and CO2 output while maintaining low noise output. Controlled by a standard DMX 512 controller, this LED Cryo Jet uses only 2 channels of DMX; 1 channel for on/off of CO2 and 1 channel for on/off/color of lights. Reaching a height of 24-34 feet (8-10 meters) and only weighing 30.9 Lbs (14Kg), ChinaEffects CO2 LED Jet will give you amazing effects while remaining easy to move. This LED Jet is linkable to other units through XLR DMX Connectors and can be mounted on a truss or used as stand alone on the floor, with about a 120 degree angle adjustment capability. It may be used with high or low pressure CO2 Systems and is available in both 110vAC and 220vAC. LED CO2 Jet also comes with 1 year manufacture warranty from date of purchase. Package comes complete with user manual and 15 feet (5 meters) of hose so you are ready to use in minutes. CO2 is not included. Plug and play CO2 Swing Cryo Jet, with hose and fittings ready to connect to use in minutes. This package comes with the following: + LED CO2 Jet unit with attached quick connect fitting and base plate for mounting. + 15' Foot (5 meters) long high pressure CO2 Hose with attached quick connect fitting. + CO2 fitting (to connect hose to CO2 Tank) (Tank NOT included). + Power Cable. + 3 Pin DMX Cable (15 foot long). + Manual. 

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