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    SmileClouds maker is a magical technology, which can produce a variety of shapes of SmileClouds floating into the sky, and instantly become the focus of attention. Whether it is the brand promotion, the new product recommendation, new store openings.


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    What is SmileClouds?

    SmileClouds maker is a magical technology, which can produce a variety of shapes of SmileClouds floating into the sky, and instantly become the focus of attention. Whether it is the brand promotion, the new product recommendation, new store openings, the wedding ceremony, exhibitions, live performances, the parties and so on ..... In short, if you want to attract the public's attention and become the next day's news, or wish to push the atmosphere to the climax of the scene, or want to create an atmosphere of fairy-tale romance, yes, the SmileClouds can help make that happen.

    What patterns of SmileClouds can be made?

    Any shape, not only the trademark logo, but also many kinds of designs, like cartoon, animals, or even Number, or Characters in English, Chinese, Korean, Japanese or in other language... Any shape you could imagine.

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    How high, how far, how long will SmileClouds float in the sky?

    SmileClouds usually will float up to an altitude of 10-150 meters, and will remain in the air for about 20 minutes. As for how far, it depends on the wind speed and direction.

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    What size can it make?

    SmileClouds currently can be in sizes from 15” to 100”. In addtion, it can also be customized according to demand.

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    How many patterns can be made?

    Unlimited, to your creativity.

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    How long does it produce one SmileClouds?

    It depends on the size and thickness of the pattern you make. Usually it takes 2-80 seconds to produce a satisfactory pattern.

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    How does it work? Needs hand operation?

    SmileClouds has fully automatic technology, with extremely simple operation “plug and play”. The operator doesn't need to stay next to the SmileClouds maker all the time after work starts. Based on this, SmileClouds has the following characteristics: 1. Easy to operate; 2. One operator can simultaneously manage more than one SmileClouds maker; 3. SmileClouds’s complete Microcomputer-controlled process ensures the quality of the shape consistency, and also avoids different sizes or incomplete shapes caused by manual operation. Of course, SmileClouds also provides an option of manual mode, to meet some special needs to produce the shapes by hand.

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    What kind of power supply is needed?

    SmileClouds's unique SPWR design provides a more flexible power supply scheme. The user can either use the European or American standard AC 110V electricity, or the Chinese standard AC 220V electricity, or even the automobile cigar lighter power supply without electricity circumstances in the suburbs. SmileClouds almost applies to any country's power supply standards in the world.

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    What auxiliary equipment is needed except the SmileClouds maker?

    No, SmileClouds maker was designed with all required ancillary equipment, without additional expenditure.

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    Is it noisy when working?

    No, SmileClouds works quietly, like a refrigerator.

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    What kind of vehicle is needed to transport the SmileClouds?

    There are different models (including portable model). To different models, a car, small passenger car, or a truck might be needed.

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    What materials are needed to make SmileClouds? Is it hazardous to humans or the environment?

    SmileClouds is made from SmileClouds fluid, water and gas. The SmileClouds fluid provided by SmileClouds uses the safe biodegradable formula, which conforms to American MSDS standard and Europe's ROHS standard, so have no harm to the human body or the environment. Water could be the ordinary pure water or the tap water. Gas should be gas lighter than air --- “helium” (helium is inert gas, without any harm to human body or the environment. The oxygen cylinder used by divers, is with oxygen and helium mixture in.)

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    Will SmileClouds affect the safety of aircraft?

    Definitely not. The flight altitude of SmileClouds is usually between 10-150 meters, while the flight altitude of aircraft is normally above 6000 meters, so they do not meet normally. In addition, it is similar to traversing sky clouds even if they meet sometimes.

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    Can I use SmileClouds indoor?

    Certainly, if you want.

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    Can user design the pattern by themselves?

    Definitely yes, to your creativity.

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    Can be used throughout the year?

    Yes, it can be used throughout the year.

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