Double Pipe CO2 Machine With 6M High Pressure Hose Stage CO2 Jet Two Nuzzle Larg

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    Double Head Two Nozzles Carbon CO2 Jet Disco Strong Smoke Effect DMX Professional DJ Equipment For Stage
    China Effects Co2 jet DMX machine remains industry standard when referring to mounted Co2 jets. Its simple design and ease of use allows for both DMX and Standard power on/off capabilities. This is by far the most versatile and most sought after unit on the market. From clubs to concerts, private parties to festivals, the China Effects Co2 jet DMX will get the job done.China Effects Co2 jet DMX machine, one of China Effects best selling products. When in DMX mode, can be controlled by a DMX 512 controller utilizing 2 channels, 1 channels of DMX for on/off control and the 2nd channel of DMX for the length of “ON” before the jet automatically shuts off. While in standard mode, this co2 jet machine can be controlled by any on/off switch to the power supply feeding power to the unit.
    Example: power strip on/off button being used to turn the China Effects co2 jet on/off when jet is plugged into the power strip and is in standard mode). China Effects co2 DMX jet machine is lightweight and has capabilities to be linked to other units for simultaneous control of multiple jets by connectors and pipes. This co2 jet machine comes in AC110V-240V with ability to be installed on truss or used on floor. Built to withstand rugged conditions, the co2 DMX machine reaches heights of 25-35 feet (7.6-10.6 meter) and weight only 7.4lbs(3.4kg). With easy assembly, included manual and high pressure co2 hose, and quick set up time, you will be ready to use this co2 jet in minutes. Pending you already have co2. Compatible with both high and low pressure systems. 1 year manufacture warranty. Co2 gas tank is not included.
    The hose and co2 jet listed here have quick connected fitting already installed so you can easily disconnected the hose from the Co2 jet when not in use. Electricity is required for this package. Simply connect the hose to the Co2 jet and other end of the hose to your Co2 tank. Then connect your DMX cable to the co2 machine and other end to the stage light controller. And you ready to go. On this unit, the DMX switch allows you to turn DMX on ( to use with DMX 512 controllers) or off to use as a standard co2 jet ( controlled using a power switch where as the on/off ability comes from power being applied to the unit)
    This co2 jet shoots a 25-35 feet (7.6-10.6 meter) high stream of co2 which is about 4-6 feet wide. These co2 jets are used in stage productions, nightclub, bars, and live performances, concerts, haunted houses, special events and much more. The co2 gas dissipates immediately after coming out of gun so the cloud vanishes in seconds after the user stops activation.

    Product specification:
    Mode: mounted jet CE-212 ( double nozzle type)
    Height: 23cm
    Length: 29cm
    Width: 18cm
    Output: high output carbon dioxide gas
    Operation way: 2 modes: DMX & Power on/off
    DMX channels: 2 channels (CH1-ON/OFF. CH2-length of ON)
    Linkable: yes, via DMX
    Voltage: AC100V / 240V
    Power: 200W
    Reach: 6-8 meter with two gas column( jet direction is adjustable)
    Pressure rating: up to 2610psi (180bar)
    Hose length: 6meter with quick connector
    DMX cable: 2 meter
    Product warranty time: 1 year
    Machine weight: 3.4kg
    Packing size: 30cm*30cm*32cm
    Packing weight: 7.5kg

    1: the low temperature co2 liquid from gas tank will go through the electrical valve directly. If using the machine by
    wrong way such as long time gas shooting,it will freeze the valve and block it. And it will damaged soon if continue
    shooting the gas.
    2: if you like to control the machine by hand, pls turn it on only 3 seconds and turn it off immediately. And let it rest
    for a while then shoot again.
    3: the best way to control the co2 machine is by stage light controller. The co2 machine has system buildin. which
    can shoot gas and turn if off by itself.

    4: such type co2 machine is fixed angle which means the shooting anlge is not adjustable. We used glue to seal
    the pipes and copper elbow.

    If you adjust the pipe direction by force, the sealing will be damaged and leaking the gas soon.
    ( Editor :ChinaEffects)




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